Ecological Restoration

We evaluate, restore and manage native plant communities and wildlife habitat. Through the duration of a three year program, we provide invasive species management, soil stabilization, restoration plantings, environmental monitoring, and naturalized area maintenance.

Shoreline Stabilization

We work alongside marine engineers to implement bio-engineering stabilization projects, restore salt marsh, install coir and sand-filled envelopes, and construct sturdy drift fence.

Environmental Design & Permitting
Restoration/Mitigation Design

We provide mitigation and restoration design services through the lens of landscape architecture and ecology to provide projects that are ecologically functional and aesthetically pleasing.

View Management Planning

We approach view management with long term solutions that preserve important vistas while minimizing annual maintenance.

Regulatory permitting

We guide our clients through the environmental permitting process and work with their project team to professionally represent their interests at public hearings.

Wetland Delineation

We provide wetland delineation services, if needed during the permitting process, to establish natural resource area boundaries and buffer zones.